Five aspects to deal with flood accidents

News Related Keywords: No tags. the first. After the water is permeable, the water should be introduced into the water tank as far as possible, and the drainage equipment should be activated for drainage. second. After a flooding accident occurs, the underground personnel should be accurately ins

Connection to grid intelligence unit measurement and co…

The smart grid brings the international grid from regional monitoring and local electromechanical control to an unknown new world of real-time, software-defined networks. In this article, we will briefly understand this immense change: the measurement and control network that connects the grid in

What should you pay attention to when preparing pigeon …

The quality of the raw materials is good . It is best not to use the feed that has been stored for too long. The raw materials of rancidity, mildew and deterioration are not used. FJc China Feed Industry Information Network - based on feed, serving animal husbandry Low prices Feed can meet the nut

The photovoltaic industry is picking up a new round of …

Abstract Will the photovoltaic industry, which is warming up after the country continues to release positive signals, re-enter the muddy overcapacity due to blind investment? Will some small enterprises with backward production capacity and technology be revived? Under the current situation t

High-speed horizontal spiral disc centrifuge works

The horizontal screw discharge centrifuge mainly performs solid-liquid separation, and most of the solid particles are separated, and the disc centrifuge further separates the liquid to separate smaller solid particles, and a liquid with high clarity can be obtained. The high-speed horizontal spi

What are the main functions of supermarket alarms?

What are the main functions of supermarket alarms: 1) Anti-theft: If there is an illegal burglary, it will immediately report to the scene and send out an alarm signal at the same time. 2) Anti-theft: If the robberies enter the room, an alarm signal can be sent immediately. 3) Help: It can be use

Seco Tools: Cutting and Slotting Tools and Application …

The cutting and grooving process has the same basic objectives as ordinary turning operations: machining the workpiece to the desired shape, meeting the accuracy requirements, and maximizing productivity. However, in addition to this, cutting and slotting applications have their own characteristics

Cup body stiffness tester in line with national standar…

Paper cup stiffness refers to the performance of the paper cup body when it is subjected to external force. When the paper cup is lower than the normal stiffness value, it will be severely deformed when it is not strong, and it will not end up, which will affect the use. The cup body stiffness val

One-stop shopping for the whole cabinet

The whole cabinet is not unfamiliar to consumers, and because of its beautiful appearance and practicality, the whole cabinet is more and more accepted by consumers. Recently, the reporter discovered during an interview that many of the overall cabinet stores nowadays are equipped with kit