Review of the development of China's aviation engin…

The aero engine is the heart of the aircraft and is one of the determining factors in aircraft performance. Because the fighter engine needs to work repeatedly for a long time in the environment of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and high load, and also requires the characteristics of l

The advantages of aluminum alloy wheels

【China Aluminum Network】1 Uniformly, each aluminum alloy wheel is 2kg lighter than a steel hub of the same size, and a car can save 10kg weight with 5 wheels. According to the Japanese experiment, the weight of cars in each of the five seats is reduced by 1kg, saving about 20 liters

Lai Yanan: Appreciation of furniture designer works

Introduction to Lai Yanan Graduated from the Department of Environmental Art Design of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts. He is the director of the Environmental Art Design Studio of the Art and Design Department of the Teachers College of Beijing Union University. After

33 steel companies lost 30% in the first half

As of August 31, the semi-annual report of 33 listed steel companies has been announced. According to Wind statistics, the total operating income of the 33 steel enterprises was 64,510 million yuan, compared with 670,249 million yuan in the same period of last year; and in terms of net pro

What are the specifications of the quilt cover?

Quilt cover is our essential life personal product. Therefore, the specifications of the quilt cover also need to be selected according to the matching size. If the size is too large or too small, it will affect our use and matching effect. So, what are the specifications of t

Introduction to the main functions of smart fingerprint…

Today's market competition is becoming more and more severe. In order to attract consumers, companies are trying their best to create their own unique advantages. But not all of the advantages created can bring icing on the cake, and some have a feeling of adding a snake. This phenomenon oft

Future Hardware Door Lock Industry Opportunity Eliminat…

Despite the rapid development of China's hardware and electrical machinery industry since the reform and opening up, the results have been abundant. However, if China's hardware and electronic machinery industries are placed in the context of the global hardware and electronic mach

What are the pesticides for vegetables?

Vegetables are closely related to our daily lives, and vegetable safety is related to the safety of our tongue. In daily life, the roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of vegetables can be used as edible parts, and some can also be eaten raw. Therefore, the safe use of pes