What are the main functions of supermarket alarms?

What are the main functions of supermarket alarms:

1) Anti-theft: If there is an illegal burglary, it will immediately report to the scene and send out an alarm signal at the same time. 2) Anti-theft: If the robberies enter the room, an alarm signal can be sent immediately. 3) Help: It can be used at home for the elderly, children accidents and emergency calls for help. Alarm 4) Fire prevention: Smoke detectors detect indoor smoke in a timely manner and issue a fire alarm. 5) Anti-combustible gas poisoning: Can detect the leakage of gas, LPG, natural gas, etc., and alarm in time. 6) Automatic alarm: Once it occurs Alarm situation, the host automatically dials to set up the phone, such as network alarm to the alarm center, or send a voice alarm signal. 7) Remote: After the alarm phone is connected, the indoor scene can be immediately determined and judged so that actions can be taken.

8) remote remote control: The owner remotely places or disarms the host computer at home or remotely through a mobile phone or a telephone. Can also be partially armed, such as people disarm in the living room, balcony window arming.

9) Classification: According to the purpose of use can be divided into car burglar alarm, motorcycle, electric car burglar alarm, home burglar alarm, office burglar alarm and so on.

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