Five aspects to deal with flood accidents

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the first. After the water is permeable, the water should be introduced into the water tank as far as possible, and the drainage equipment should be activated for drainage.

second. After a flooding accident occurs, the underground personnel should be accurately inspected as soon as possible. If it is found that the person is blocked by the water downhole, all effective measures should be taken to rescue them first.

third. After the flooding accident, the source of the water, the amount of water, etc. should be investigated first, and then the drainage force should be organized to drain the water, or an effective plan should be adopted for water shutoff, or a combination of blocking and platooning should be used for water control.

fourth. When a noticeable permeable premonition (red hanging, perspiration, cold air, fog, water dripping, top showering, bottom bulging, or smelly odor, etc.) is found on the driving work surface or elsewhere Stop operations, take measures, report to the dispatching room, and if the situation is critical, must immediately withdraw from all water-threatening locations; after a flooding accident occurs, the on-site personnel must immediately report to the ore dispatching office and have to be experienced in the team leader. Under the command of the workers, they should quickly rescue and reinforce the supporting areas in the working area to divert water from the accident so as to prevent the accident from expanding; if the water potential is fierce and the situation is in danger of unrescueable rescue, the pressure head should be systematically evacuated and quickly evacuated from the accident area to the upper level or the ground.

fifth. After receiving the flood report, the dispatching room shall immediately report to the headquarters. According to the size of the flooding accident, the commander summoned the members of the command to immediately put in relief work, informed the rescue team and related units to rescue them, and informed the personnel to evacuate the danger area according to the location of the water inrush and areas that might be affected.

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