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When the weather is cold, the air becomes dry, and many people are particularly susceptible to illness during this season. Office workers have common problems, lack of exercise, and their resistance declines. With it, it is easy to induce allergies, coughs, colds and fever

Autumn maintenance is not only very important for body conditioning, but also for the home environment, especially for the more expensive whole wood home. In the dry autumn, human skin becomes dry and cracked due to lack of moisture. Drying is also a big test for whole-wood household items. The maintenance is not in place, and the wooden products are prone to bursting and fading.

Therefore, if you want your home to be as bright as ever, you must take care of your home in the fall.

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1. Regular cleaning and dust removal

Dry weather can easily produce a lot of dust, and autumn wind will hang the dust to every corner of the home. In this case, it is necessary to clean frequently to prevent dust from accumulating for a long time and make the shiny home lose its luster.

In response to this situation, we must take measures to remove ash regularly. The method is also very simple, use a dry rag to gently wipe the wood veneer, wallboard and furniture surface, without vigorously scrubbing, just wipe off the dust. Note that it is advisable to use a soft cloth, either dry or slightly wet. Never use a hard cloth to avoid scratching the wood surface. The cloth should not be too wet to prevent the wood from getting wet.

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2. Avoid direct sunlight

Although autumn is not as hot as summer, but dry autumn and direct sunlight, the wood is prone to dry and cracked, and the paint surface is also easy to yellow. The sun protection measures of wooden furniture are relatively simple, and the location is to avoid direct sunlight outside the window. If it is immovable such as wood veneer and wallboard, it can be protected by shading with curtains or blinds.

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Third, maintenance-must be regularly maintained

Women with skin care habits must know that long-term adherence to care is required for skin to be moist and beautiful, as is the case with home care. Regular maintenance is required. Furniture, floors, wood veneers, and wallboards are generally recommended to be waxed once a quarter, like now in the early autumn season, you can play more than once to let them come back to life.

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Fourth, moisture-proof-to avoid excessive dampness in the home

The whole wood home is most likely to crack due to dryness in autumn. However, when the water is added transiently , or when it is wet for a long time, the water will swell, and through the cold contraction in winter, bacteria will breed in spring. Therefore, a long-term damp home can be properly placed in a ventilated place to dehumidify.

While caring for the home, we are actually caring for our own health, so health care can not ignore the home environment, we must nourish the heart and keep our feet together.

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