British Police Popularize EvoFIT Face Recognition System Accuracy 40%

British Police Popularize Evofit Face Recognition System Imagine you who met the robbery at night. After the criminals took away your belongings and vanished into the darkness, can you still remember his physical characteristics? According to the report of the British "Daily Mail" on September 10th, an advanced face recognition system developed by scientists can help victims and eyewitnesses accurately piece together the images of criminals, with an accuracy rate of nearly 50%.

EvoFIT is more scientific and detailed than the traditional face recognition system, emphasizing the overall outline of the suspect, and fine-tuning and improving the site.

This advanced face recognition system is called the EvoFIT face recognition system. It was designed and developed by two scholars Peter Hancock and Charlie Froude of the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom.

Compared with the traditional face recognition system, EvoFIT face recognition system has a very obvious advantage. The traditional method of face recognition requires victims or eyewitnesses to recall and identify the five facial features and appearance features of the suspects one by one, such as nose, eyes, and hairstyle. Finally, the scattered facial features are pieced together.

The EvoFIT face recognition system is more scientific and detailed, emphasizing the overall outline of the suspects, and fine-tuning and improving the points. The victim or eyewitness first selects the overall characteristics of the face, skin, skin tone, etc., and then replaces and adjusts the facial features such as the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and finally adds the appearance characteristics such as hair color, hairstyle, and ear to make up one more. An image that approximates the appearance of a real criminal. The whole restoration process is more like the process of "evolution" of a human face.

The inventor Charlie Froud said: “Traditional face recognition systems must be able to piece together a face image by recognizing hundreds of pictures, and because the final imaging is made up of scattered appearance features, The accuracy rate was less than 10%, and we found during the experiment that the appearance of criminals in the memory of victims or witnesses was actually stored as a whole in memory, and the EvoFIT face recognition system was able to constantly adjust during recognition. These characteristics, narrowing the scope of the target, correcting the wrong information, and gradually awakening the memory of the victim, will result in a higher success rate."

In 2008, the Lancashire Police Department in the United Kingdom first adopted the EvoFIT face recognition system, and successfully detected many major cases using excellent imaging effects. At present, the system has been used by 11 district police stations, including the London Police Department, for the detection of routine cases with high accuracy. It has also been adopted by police in Europe, the United States and Israel.

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