Fangyuan Group, a new generation of products - FYG5120THB car concrete pump (Figure)

FYG5120THB vehicle-mounted concrete pump is a new generation of Fangyuan Group products, inherited the outstanding pumping performance pump, the product uses a new design concept, compact structure, reasonable layout and give full consideration to human design, move more rapidly, the use of conditions More flexible. Chassis using well-known brands, in line with national emission standards â…¢, advanced technology and components of the global procurement, the product performance in the industry-class level, is the ideal concrete conveying equipment, products on the market, praised by users , Products continue to sell well, resulting in good economic and social benefits. Radius of FYG5120THB Car Concrete Pump Hot FYG5120THB Car Concrete Pump Main technical characteristics: - The pumping system adopts independent Deutz diesel engine and has strong power. The main oil pump uses Rexroth constant variable power piston pump, which can make full use of prime mover power. - Intelligent electronic control system, automatic control of diesel engine speed computer, using Japan's Omron PLC controller, easy to operate and reliable. Hydraulic system electro-hydraulic commutation, commutation impact is small, stable and reliable. - Advanced S tube valve system with low resistance, good sealing, and automatic compensation gap function. - The valve box adopts 16Mn steel stamping forming strength, good rigidity; eye plate and wear ring with hard alloy, good wear resistance, long life. - With high-pressure small displacement and low pressure large displacement of two working methods, and a key automatically switch. - Automatic lubrication system to ensure continuous operation of the whole machine for a long time.

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