Art Floor Features

With the continuous progress of human society and the development of the market, people's demands for quality of life have also been continuously improved. In response to the emptying of the sidewalk bricks on the market for a period of time, the relevant personnel developed an art floor.
Art Floor Advantages:

1 The material is colored powder and contains special cement components and is applied simultaneously with the concrete. Before the enamel has not solidified, it is sprinkled on the surface of the crucible, so it can be completely bonded together with the foundation crucible to form a colored, high-strength, abrasion-resistant hardened road surface with a compressive strength of 80 MPA or more.
2 One-piece molding without seams, so there is no problem of shedding.
3 The surface layer has a non-slip function, and the green product meets the environmental protection requirements.
4 The pattern of stone, slate, wood grain, wall, and floor tile in traditional building materials can be simulated realistically, and it is widely used.
5 The appearance is natural, real and three-dimensional, and the profiles are diverse.

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